The Future of The Battery in Wearable Tech



As wearable tech continues to grow in popularity, the technology behind it also grows and becomes more advanced. Unfortunately some parts of technology are advancing quicker than others, and this can lead to problems. The battery, for example, is one thing that has a lot of development to go through, and because of that many products aren’t as good as they could be. Yet the battery is still an essential part of almost any gadget. One company however has been making a number of leaps and strides in the area of batterie. The company is called ProLogium technology, and they’ve developed a new battery that is hinting at the future of the battery in wearable tech.

The new battery is called the FPC Litium-Ceramic Battery, or the FLCB in short, and there are a number of things that suggest this batter could be perfect for wearable tech.

First of all, the battery is extremely flat. We’re talking like paper flat here. Well not quite paper, but at a tiny 0.35mm, it certainly isn’t thick. The battery is also super light, which is great for a wearable product.

Not only is the battery flat and light, but it can be bent and beaten without any problems. In fact, on the ProLogium website, the Taiwan based company demonstrated burning the battery, hitting it with a hammer, cutting it up and bending it, and folding it. All of this while it continued to power an LED light and didn’t have any leakage or any explosion problems when overcharged, which is often the case with lithium ion batteries.

The fact that the battery is so flexible means that it will be perfect for wearable applications, being able to fit in things that normally wouldn’t house a battery, such as a wristband or something similar. The battery could cover all kinds of technology, and be perfect in applications such as tablets, smartphones, etc.