Futaba puts a video display on your wrist with their flexible OLED watch


futaba flexible watch 1
Remember snap bracelets? They floated around the schoolyard, usually featuring images of Darth Maul or Megatron(depending on your age bracket.) They were all the rage! This is even nuttier considering, well, they didn’t do anything. You snapped ’em on. You snapped ’em off. You collected ’em. They were like Pokemon, but lacking the ability to fight to the death on your behalf. So what someone took the basic idea of something that snugly wraps around your wrist but added a snazzy OLED display? Oh yeah, it’d also be neat if this wacky device told the time. That’d be pretty cool.

Well, get ready to rule the schoolyard with tech-fueled abandon. Futaba, maker of all kinds of neat things, have been prepping a fully flexible watch that features an OLED display. That’s right. Perfectly crisp video laying on top of tech that can is so thin it can actually be bended around your wrist. Futaba’s golden child has a long and skinny 256×64-pixel, 3.5-inch display, which puts out full color video. The entire watch is less than a hundredth of an inch thick, so it’s basically like having a thin sheet of paper around your arm. In other words, it is unobtrusive as can be.

This is just a concept design for now so don’t stop building muscle in your wrists. You won’t be able to curb off those heavy old-school watches for now. See more photos and a video of this futuristic wonder-watch below. Release this thing already! We want to look like we just escaped from the most high-tech hospital of all time.

futaba flexible watch 1