Fujitsu’s Wandant dog pedometer uses cloud and NFC to track your pooch


In case you didn’t notice, people love their dogs. We live in a world that features doggy daycare, doggy gourmet foodstuffs and even doggy television. Anything to keep our pets safe and entertained can be found and purchased. So it brings us pleasure to announce yet another cool way to make sure your pups remained safe and unharmed. In short, wearable technology is here to save the day yet again. Woof, woof and all of that. Who’s a good doggie? You are(if you keep reading!)

Fujitsu, who are no stranger to using technology to keeping pets safe, are at it yet again. The company has just unveiled the Wandant dog pedometer. This trusty doggy doodad uses NFC and cloud technology to keep your pet both safe and within barking distance of you at all times. The name Wandant is a combination of the Japanese word for a dog’s bark, “wan wan,” (which in English would be “woof woof”) and the word pendant. The device uses a three-axis accelerometer to log the dog’s steps taken. It even records the dog’s temperature and range of bodily motions. Pretty nifty.

All you have to do is wave your NFC-enabled phone in front of the pendant and all pertinent information will be immediately sent to the phone. Finally, you’ll be able to know with absolute certainty which dog it was that got into the kitty treats. Bad Denver, bad. Pricing for the device hasn’t been announced, but Fujitsu confirms that a monthly change for the cloud service will be about $5.