Fujitsu’s Gesture Controlled Glove is a Throwback to the 1980s


The humble glove isn’t exactly a paragon of wearable technological bliss. Aside from the occasional pair that allows you to use touchscreens while in use, there hasn’t been much forward motion on that front. Where are the gloves that give us Minority Report-esque powers over our universe. Where are the cool gloves that allow you to play Nintendo and wow a young Fred Savage? Nowhere, that’s where! Don’t worry, not every tech company on the block is completely ignoring the glove.  Some are trying to bring them to the 21st century and beyond. One such company is tech giant Fujitsu. 

The company has developed a gesture controlled glove that could revolutionize the way you think about hand protection. The gloves allow you to use any number of gesture controlled devices whenever you are wearing the gloves. The company also says they can be worn all day, and will not accidentally trigger said devices when you are doing everyday things like giving someone the bird or hitchhiking. This is because the gloves are designed to work with NFC tags, so it will only do its intended task when it is near a device that has an appropriate tag. Also, and finally, it looks pretty dang cool. The 1980s called and absolutely want their glove back, if you know what I mean.

The company has not announced a price but they are angling for a 2015 release date. Hey, that’s just next year. Only one more year of being forced to use regular gloves that only keep our hands warm and pretty much nothing else. Let’s count down the days, shall we?