FuelWare Begin Shipping Their Innovative Flame Base Heated Shirt


If there’s one thing you can count on in this mixed up world of ours is that winter will indeed come and blow the pants off of the previous winter. Wintry mixes will abound, tires will get stuck in snow and, well, doing just about anything will become a major bummer. That’s why heated clothing has been such a boon the past several years. As a matter of fact, statistically, heated clothing may actually make up a majority share of the profits currently being made in the wearable technology industry. That’s why we keep a constant eye on it. Well, that and we hate being cold. That’s why we are bringing you an update on what is perhaps the most innovative piece of heated clothing ever made.

Earlier in the year we wrote about a brand new company called FuelWare and their astounding Flame Base heated shirt. Why do I keep using such complimentary language? Because this heated shirt is a smart heated shirt. While it may not read text messages to you and let you tweet right from your nipples, it does read your temperature and act accordingly. This means you’ll never be stuffy and hot while wearing this thing as a base layer. It only heats you when it needs to. Voila. The world’s first smart heated clothing.

Of course, it was only in the prototyping stages back when we wrote about it. It then experienced an extremely successful Indiegogo run and now, just in time for winter, they are starting to ship units to the lucky many that plunked down some bucks way back when. This means they aren’t on store shelves yet but, according to the manufacturers, that could change by next year. Also, in case you forgot, next year is in like a month.