Frog Design DIY Kit Teaches Tweens About Wearable Tech


While wearable technology may seem like a novel and far-out concept to us cantankerous adults, our children will grow up in a world where it is ubiquitous. Imagine a world where kids learn to access their smartphone via a watch or an arm-patch before they learn how to crawl. Imagine a world in which innocent babies wear onesies that display their most recent tweets. It’s easy if you try and one company is trying their darnedest to make it even easier.

Frog Design, who are known for assisting companies realize their wearable technology goals, has created something they call “Hello World.” This DIY kit is designed to teach preteen girls what wearable technology is and, amazingly, how to make some for themselves. It comes with a heap of thread for sewing on microchips and a group of highly intuitive Arduino boards. This kit requires no programming know how, relying on a more plug and play approach. What did you expect? It’s for children for Pete’s sake.

This creativity encouraging kit is not yet available but the company has assured us it won’t be long until the tween in your life will soon be calling you stupid for not knowing how to connect an LED microcircuit to your jean shorts. Ah, the precociousness of youth. We’ll let you know when you can get your hands on these because, honestly, we want one for ourselves even though the last time we were anything even remotely considered “preteen” was when New Kids On The Block were a thing. Don’t hate. Don’t hate.