Foxconn Readies iPhone-Compatible Line of Smart Watches


It seems you can’t open the technology section of a newspaper, or this blog, without hearing about a new and trendsetting smart watch. The very term has become ubiquitous as of late, and this is without too many of the devices actually being available for purchase. Who knows what the future will bring for the industry, but one thing is certain, the smart watch is here to stay. As long as there is a naked wrist just longing for a gadget that helps them do more cool things, these watches will keep getting announced. Today we have yet another new contender for you to keep track of.

Foxconn, yeah that Foxconn, has decided to not just manufacture doodads for other companies but have gotten into the manufacturing of doodads for themselves. Their first foray into this new business model is a line of iPhone-friendly smart watches. These sleek, cylindrical timepieces play nice with your iPhones, using Bluetooth, WiFi or what have you. Also, they pay special attention to tracking vitals. This line of watches track breathing rate, heart rate and even acts as a pedometer. Now you can exercise in style, that is, if you didn’t already own something that already lets you exercise in style.

The watches were demoed this week and, as such, should only be considered working prototypes for now. The company has not unveiled any concrete launch plans or pricing data. However, as soon as they do, you’ll be the first to know. That’s how we roll here at Crunchwear.