Fos is a Wearable, Bluetooth-enabled LED Display System


In this Twitterized, social media-emblazoned world, we demand to be able to blare out anything we are thinking at any time. Thankfully, we can do just that via the smartphones in our pockets, the smartwatches on our wrists and the, uh, smartglasses on our face. But what if we want to blab stuff out right on our person, right there on our clothes? Well, that’s a bit difficult. As we all know, glueing your phone to your sweater is never a good idea and the same goes for your Google Glass or Pebble watch. Thank goodness the tech now exists so we don’t have to resort to such drastic measures.

Introducing Fos, a completely wearable LED device that uses the magic of Bluetooth to stay in constant contact with your beloved smartphone. Why does this matter? Well, you control what it scrolls via a downloadable app. Want your shirt to read “Who Farted?!” Easy as pie. Want it to scroll an endless loop of hearts and pizza slices? Also totally doable(we think.) These programmable patches come in a variety of sizes so, this Halloween, you can dress up as a mummy whose fabric consists of scrolling gobblygook! The future is clearly upon us.

This interesting tech is not on store shelves yet. Heck, the designers haven’t even funded the stuff. That’s where you come in. Head on over to their Kickstarter page and sign up to be an early adopter, so you can once and for all find out, in glorious scrolling color, who farted. A starter pack will set you back $125(for now.) You had better get on that quick, however.