Forget Google Glass – This is Similar Tech on a Contact Lens


It’s hard to find a publication at all devoted to wearable technology that doesn’t spend a significant amount of coverage on Google and their infamous Glass eyewear display. It’s to see why, of course. It’s a virtual reality headset that you wear like a pair or glasses. It’s futuristic as all get out and really puts the “tech” in “wearable tech.” However, it could be even more, uh, future-y. Consider, if you will, a world in which the very same technology does the very same thing but without the need to wear a cumbersome, expensive device on your face. Don’t worry. That future is on the way. Introducing some seriously tech-heavy  contact lenses.

Scientists in Korea have invented a soft and transparent eyewear display that fits right inside your average contact lenses. Imagine the spying possibilities! It works thanks to the magic of nanomaterials, tiny little robots that do most of the heavy lifting. These nanobots can control LEDs, manufacture virtual reality displays and do pretty much anything their bulkier cousins can do. Certainly this is a wondrous harbinger of a cyberpunk dystopian future! We for one, cannot wait to slap a pair of these bad boys into our eye sockets and go to town. Oh the secret photographs of food we will take.

The Korean scientists say this is only a prototype design, of course. This kind of tech is several years(or more) out from being ready for consumers. Still, it’s nice to know that it is waiting there, on the horizon, like a soft, malleable big brother that fits right over our eyeballs. We’ll let you know more when we know more. Keep your eyes, literally, peeled.