Forget Galaxy Gear – Here is a Shameless Gear Ripoff


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and by “they” I mean a bunch of imitators who wanted to excuse their loathsome behavior. However, there is some truth to the statement, especially in the tech world. You truly know a gadget has “made it” when all kinds of shameless clones start arriving on the scene, particularly in China and the like. Every major video game console have strange, yet somewhat alluring, clones. The same goes for most of Apple’s product line. However, the wearable tech world has yet to experience much of that flattering boom. Well, that is until now. Somebody went and made an almost note for note clone of Samsung’s popular Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Cool? Sorta, we guess.

The Podoor PW305 smartwatch looks almost identical to Samsung’s popular beauty. Just look at the thing! However, upon closer inspection, one would find all is not right in smartwatch town(also known as, there’s something rotten in smartwatch-mark.) It doesn’t work on the same OS, for one. The PW305 uses Linux, whereas Samsung jumps between Android and a proprietary blend. As far as functionality, it seems to do a good percentage of what its smarter brother can do. It reads texts, interacts with your phone and, oh yeah, tells the time(we’d hope that was a given.) However, after that, the feature list goes flat. This is a shameless ripoff, after all. They don’t tend to be high on the features list.

If you simply have to have one of these to complete your collection or whatever, may we suggest a trip abroad to China, or you could just find it online. It’s not too hard to Google.