EEG Headset Hits FEC – Release Imminent


Do you like gaming but lament your relative ineptitude while playing them? To put it another way, can you get barely get Mario past the first underground level or do you regularly find yourself the laughing stock of 12 year olds while shooting people online? Wearable technology, heralded by the new and burgeoning field of EEG brain reading, may have you covered. In short, if you wear this headset you may look stupid for a while now but it will save you from looking stupid later.

We covered Focus Labs and their forthcoming EEG Headset before, back when the gadget was a futuristic blip on our radar. Well, that blip is getting a lot nearer and a lot closer, thanks to a recent FCC filing by the company. What does this mean? It means they are making serious inroads to releasing this bad boy in the good ole US of A. If you need a primer, the works by reading your brain waves as you game, and sending you vibrations and pulses(light shocks) as gentle reminders when you screw up. Before long, your noggin is essentially “trained” to be better. If only we could use this tech for stuff that is more important than video games, which is pretty much everything. Don’t worry. We can. Not yet but it’s getting there.

Once certified, the headset will start showing up on store shelves. When will that happen? Any time in the next few months. You know how government organizations are! We’ll let you know when you can pick one up. In the meantime, just run along the ceiling to reach the flagpole. It’s much safer up there.