Flaxus Stylus Doubles as a Snazzy Armband


Some people take to typing on a touchscreen like a duck to iWater. It’s second nature to them. To everyone else, however, it is an abomination of frustration that usually ends with us sending texts that are so far from what was originally intended that it is downright laughable. Well, cheer up tablet and smartphone fans! There is now a stylus that is compatible with just about any device you’d need to use it with. Even better? You’ll never lose it because it wraps around your wrist like a slap bracelet.

This armband/stylus hybrid is called Flaxus. It’s designed by a caps-loving company called AEGLO, who are better known for making gloves that let you text even in the thick of winter. If you know essentially what a slap bracelet is, then you know how it works. You slap it around your wrist, and then unspool it when you need a stylus. It’s perfect for glove-wearers or people who just want to get a chance to elucidate via their smartphones instead of just texting “k. thx.” It comes in different colors and, most importantly, is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You’ll find no such capacitation problem here.

These snazzy little doodads aren’t out yet, but you can help fund their Kickstarter to make sure they hit store shelves with all of the bluster a wearable stylus is capable of. How much will this fashion forward stylus set you back? Thirty five bucks will get you your choice of two. That’s not a bad deal considering all of the flowery prose you’ll now be able to effortlessly compose on your phone.