Flame Base Shirt Keeps Your Body Temperature Feeling Just Right


Do you feel that gentle crispness in the air, especially at night? Do you get the sense that summer is fading away, giving the go-ahead for fall to take over and wrap us in sweater weather? That’s all fine and good. Fall is a great time to be alive, after all. But, and there is a but, fall is short and winter is long. In other words, to quote this random fantasy show that nobody watches, winter is coming. How are we gonna stay warm and temperate while suffering through snowy days and snowy nights?! By using wearable technology, of course.

Introducing the Flame Base, created by FuelWare, the long-sleeved body-heating shirt of your dreams (or nightmares, if you happen to be an ice cube.) What’s interesting about this technology, is the shirt isn’t a mindless heater. It doesn’t heat and heat until you can’t stand it anymore. It’s smart. The Flame Base knows what your ideal body temperature is and reacts accordingly. You just set whatever temperature you want and then let this long-sleeved layered beauty do the rest. You’ll be walking in a winter wonderland but feeling as if you are jogging in a summery hellscape! Wait, that might be a bit too extreme.

This tech is neat and fairly innovative. You know what that means. It’s not out yet. It’s actually not even quite finished yet. Head on over to their IndieGogo campaign and pre-order your own to help them, and you, get the heated ball rolling. They’ve already met their funding goal so at least you’ll know if you pre-order you’ll definitely be getting it. How much will one of these shirts set you back? Around $150 or $250 for two.