Fitness tracker meets a wearable camera? Meet OMG’s Autographer


autographer omg 1
The fitness tracking industry has been growing in leaps and bounds(get it?) in the past couple of years. It seems every other day there is a new product being brought to market that can snap on your body somewhere to measure your vitals. At the same time, camera technology has also been steadily improving. There are tiny, and wearable, cameras propping up all over the place. Why, if these two technologies were to merge, it would be most interesting. It would be most interesting indeed.

Oxford Metrics Group(OMG, for real) has announced their unique and innovative Autographer device. The Autographer is that it straps around your neck, onto your belt, or anywhere else you want to put it, and continuously snaps pictures as you go through your day. It doesn’t work via a simplistic time lapse, rather it uses sophisticated software to sense when something cool is about to happen. How does it do this? It analyzes data that’s received from the device’s accelerometer, magnometer, light sensor, thermometer, and passive infrared sensor (for motion detection) to automatically take photos at important moments. Pretty cool right?

Each photo can be organized via a ton of available criteria, which appeals to the fitness monitor enthusiast. You can group photos into date taken, the temperature when taken, the time and all sorts of other variables. The whole thing operates with an affiliated smartphone app, which is free with purchase. Oh yeah, about that purchase. One Autographer will set you back around $500 bucks when it launches in November. That’s a lot of coin but it is a pretty nifty device.