Fitbug Pedometer grants you access to an online life coach


It’s a brand, spanking new year. You know what means? The dreaded New Year’s resolution. A very intelligent bird told us that a whopping 70% of end of the year resolutions are food, diet or exercise based. In other words, we all want to be in better shape. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you know that the wearable tech industry was pretty much birthed on this desire. Vitals monitors, pedometers and other wearable odds and ends are all here for you to make exercising and watching your weight easier. Why, here is another awesome one to help limit your excuses even more.

Fitbug has been on the scene a while, making a successful line of smartphone-enabled pedometers. The Fitbug pedometer system uplinks to a web site to track your walking steps, distance, diet and fitness activities. This is nothing new, tons of other pedometers and fitness trackers on the market connect to your smartphone in a similar fashion. What the Fitbug line offers, however, is a connection with their interactive network, which keeps track months and months of your fitness data.  This is one computer who is ready, willing and able to read you the riot act should you screw up.

The line, including the brand new Fitbug Air which lets you connect to your smartphone without the need for wires, is available now. The price is right for all of this fitness magnificence, with units ranging from around $30 and topping off under $100. Compared to other models, these are a steal. Now you have no excuse but to get out there and feel the burn! You can eat pizza later. Mmm, pizza.