Fitbit Unveils New Line of Activity Trackers


Fitbit were one of the first people on the whole fitness tracking scene. They have since had some of their thunder stolen by every other company in the world joining the fray, and by some unfortunate incidents on their end. One of their most recent trackers, for instance, Fitbit’s Force armband suffered from a voluntary recall earlier this year when users claimed it caused some skin issues. Well, now they are back to have a stab at reclaiming the fitness tracking throne (it’s a very buff throne.) Introducing their forthcoming fitness tracking wearable, the Charge.

Fitbit’s Charge seems to be a slightly rejiggered version of the Force armband, which means plenty of neat functionality to go around. It’ll be waterproof, feature a pedometer and an altimeter and even keep an eye on your sleep patterns. It’ll also include such bells and whistles as an always-on heart rate monitor and the ability to use GPS, check the weather and get call notifications. Geeze. This is a pretty feature packed little thingamajig. Even more interesting, this product seems to be coming soon but the actual company hasn’t put out any official information. Everything gleamed has been all thanks to eagle-eyed employees at electronics stores who have gotten their peepers on some advertising materials. It looks like Fitbit needs a, um, pep talk.

As far as pricing goes, it looks like one of these will set you back anywhere from $184-$220 depending on which version you get, the original Charge or the ChargeHR, which features the aforementioned heart rate monitoring and a fancypants watch clasp.