Fitbit Officially Announces Fitbit Force



Fitbit has been one of the leading forces in health tracking wearable technology ever since they first released their Fitbit Flex wristband. We have heard a number of rumors about the new Fitbit Force, but now it’s official! Fitbit recently announced their heavily rumored watch, and it certainly looks impressive.

The Fitbit Force looks a lot like its predecessor, the Fitbit Flex. In fact it looks almost exactly the same, save for the display which is now featured on the device. It’s this small display that sets the Fitbit Force apart from it’s older brother.

This small display does not only display the time though. The Fitbit Force is not simply a Fitbit Flex with a built in watch. Now your Fitbit can show you much more detailed information about your workout routine. Whereas before your steps would be represented by small light up dots, now you can be shown detailed tracking information. Caller ID can even be shown on the display when paired with an Apple device running iOS7.

Despite adding a screen and a number of new features, the Fitbit Force still claims 10 days on a single charge as far as battery goes.

Of course, the Fitbit Force includes all the features that you loved on the Fitbit Flex as well, including things like tracking your steps, sleep quality, and so on. The silent alarm and ability to connect to your devices via Bluetooth 4.0 is also still in the mix.

The release date of the Fitbit Force is still up in the air, but the Fitbit site claims the device will be available in 2 to 3 weeks and will cost $129.95 – a bargain price for such a device!