Fitbit iOS App Lets You Track Your Fitness Without Fitbit Device


The biggest hurdle the wearable tech industry has to overcome is convincing the general public that they need to buy more gadgets. After all, their phones and tablets are intended to be “all-in-one” devices and, let’s be honest, are fairly expensive so why would people line up to plunk down another few hundred bucks on something new? This is not that difficult for something immediately game-changing like Google Glass but considerably more so for something like a fitness band or a smartwatch. Well, don’t hold your breath, but this just got a little bit more difficult now that one of the world’s leading fitness band manufacturers have released an iOS app that lets you do pretty much everything you used to need one of their products for right on your iPhone. Rut roh?

Fitbit, maker of the Force armband and regular appearer on this here website, is back with a brand new iOS fitness tracking app. This app offers the ability to track many facets of your fitness regiment right on your phone, although it does need you to have the brand spanking new iPhone 5s. None of those “oldies but goodies” from those ancient days of late 2012 will do for this app. It’s because of a motion sensing chipset that is newly featured in the 5s that this app is even an option at all. Also, this won’t completely replace the need for dedicated fitness trackers as the app only tracks “basic” fitness stats, leaving the heavy lifting to its Force line.

The app is already available so what are you waiting for? You can start working on those New Year’s resolutions a bit early this year.