Fitbit Force Fitness Bands Are Vying For Your Wrist-Space


Armbands that track our fitness regiments are not an especially old device, yet they are still one of the oldest viable wearable technology items that made it to market. The Nike+ line blew up this section of industry and there has been no looking back since. Sure, the looming specter of the smartwatch could put the kibosh on this sector of wearable tech as one assumes people would gravitate more toward a device that did all of the stuff fitness bands did but a whole lot more. Still, new items are still being rolled out to consumers at a rapid clip. Here is another one, about to be put out by industry visionary Fitbit. 

By all accounts, Fitbit’s Force Fitness Band is a rather expansive upgrade on their popular Flex line of similar products. What’s new? Well it has a clock, for one, inching it ever-so-closer into smartwatch territory. Also, it comes packed in with an altimeter, which means it will now track stair climbing and other vertical-based activities. This is great for apartment dwellers who like to count their comings and goings as fitness-based activities. Stairs totes count! It’s also now somewhat water resistant. You won’t want to snorkel while wearing the Force, but you’ll be fine with sweating a whole lot or accidentally spilling some water on it.

This Jedi-named device isn’t on store shelves yet but reports swirl that it will be available by the end of the year or early into next year. What will all of this fitness tracking amazeballs cost you? Around $130 at launch. We’ll keep you posted when we know more.