Fitbit Flex Monitoring Bracelet


Fitbit Flex
A number of great new monitoring devices are being released, with the latest of these being the Fitbit Flex. You might remember back in October when we wrote about the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Zip. Well Fitbit have recently added the Fitbit Flex to their lineup.

The Fitbit Flex is a great new addition to Fitbits lineup and it includes some great features. It can perform a number of tasks that could really be helpful to people who want to fine-tune their sleeping and activity habits.

First of all, the Fitbit Flex monitors sleep. It can detect how long you sleep, and even is able to detect the quality of your sleep and how many times during the night you wake up. The Fitbit Flex also includes a great new alarm feature, which wake you up by gently vibrating. This is great for people in a couple, as the alarm shouldn’t wake up your partner as well. After each night, you can check how you slept and how many times you woke up, which can greatly help in getting a better nights sleep.

The Fitbit Flex also can monitor your activity during the day. This can be from how many steps you took, to the distance you travelled, to the number of calories that you burned.

The great thing about the Fitbit Flex is that it allows you to set goals, and gives you updates on your progress. It has 5 LED lights on the front of it, and a light lights up every time you reach 20% of your goal. This allows for you to know exactly how long you need to work out for in order to reach your goal, without overdoing it.

The Fitbit Flex syncs with your computer via WiFi, and your phone via Bluetooth 4.0. It also supports iOs and Android. The number of Android devices supported right now are limited, though the Fitbit website says that more devices will be supported in the near future. The Fitbit Flex is available for $99 and should be helpful for anyone who needs a better and more effective way of tracking their sleep and daily activity.