FitBark is a Wearable Dog Bone that Teaches You How to Raise a Healthy Pup


Humans love our wearable tech. We love to snap on bracelets that track our vitals. We love to snap on glasses that record the world around us. In short, if it is wearable and does something cool then homo sapiens are all about it. But what about our best buds? Can’t our beloved canines get in on the wearable tech action? In short, yes they can. We’ve written about wearable technology for pets in the past but those articles were just a prelude to what may be the coolest piece of technology to snap around your dog’s neck since the invention of the humble collar.

Introducing FitBark, an all-in-one mega-collar that tracks your dog’s every move and helps you raise the dastardly little pup. This is essentially a Nike+ or any of the other tracking deices on the market, but marketed toward pooches. It gives you a daily fitness goal for baby Fido and lets you know when it is completed. Your dog will escape the perils of the freshman fifteen and wag its tail happily into healthful old age. You’ll walk said dog around the neighborhood with pride, knowing that you have been the best dog parent you can be. The device itself, which looks like a bone, sends all relevant information to the smartphone of your choice for instant perusal.

The FitBark isn’t out yet, but you can preorder the device for just a $100. You can do so by heading over to their Barkstarter Kickstarter page. Check out a video of the doggone cool device in action below!