First educational wearable for kids headed for Santa Clara


VersaMe, the company building tools to improve child development,has announced it will be joining the exhibitor lineup at The Wearable Technology Show USA in December.

Earlier, the company had announced the release of its flagship product, the Starling, a product it claims is the world’s first education wearable for children ages 0-4. Available via pre-order, the Starling tracks words spoken and heard by a child during the most formative stages of development to drastically increase verbal engagement. The Starling syncs with a cell phone app and offers activities, encouragement, and prompts to help motivate parents. The Starling does not record anything that is said — it simply counts words as they pass by.

The company will be joining a stellar lineup of wearable tech companies at the Santa Clara Convention Centre, and their unique take on the market is bound to draw interest from press and delegates alike.

You can grab a pass to see VersaMe and 30 other companies by registering here – or pre-ordering the Starling here.