Finis Aquapulse heart rate monitor now shipping


So, you’ve been taking care of your heart. You eat right. You don’t smoke. Hell, you even exercise once in a while. How do you know if all of your hard work is paying off? Why, with an at-home heart rate monitor of course. A company named Finis has released their Aquapulse heart rate monitor which should finally settle that college bet as to who has the best resting heart rate.

It measures the heart rate via your ear lobe. None of that wrist pinching around these parts. Also, it is intended for swimmers, so it can be fully immersed in water with no detriment. All of you future Michael Phelps should take note.

The Aquapulse was announced over two years ago. No word on why it took so long to come to market, but it’s here now. You can get your very own for just $150. Not bad for peace of mind.