Finally There’s a Chair That Doubles as a Helmet


If there’s one problem technology has never been able to solve, it’s the single-use exclusivity of chairs. What do we do with chairs? We sit on them, and occasionally rest our feet on them if we are using another one to sit on. Oh yeah. Once in a blue moon we’ll balance some food on them while we bend down to tie our shoelaces or something. In short, the chair could use some of the multi-use wizardry that wearable technology usually brings to the table. Well, your wish is our wondrous command. Here is a chair that doubles as a protective helmet. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

This snazzy little device was whipped up by a team of Japanese designers and is named Mamoris, which is an amalgam of words in Japanese that ends up meaning “to protect.” The chair features an elegant design. You sit on it, most of the time. However, if ever comes the time you need a helmet, say if there is an earthquake or it is literally raining cats and dogs, you just unfasten the back of the chair and, voila, it is a functional and weird looking helmet! This seems like a great “fit” for offices and schools, which is cool because students and cubicle dwellers need one more thing making them look stupid.

The Mamoris is just a working prototype design for now, although the company says they will go into production sometime in 2014. Just think, sometime this year you can replace all of the seats at your dining room table with these bad boys. This will prove exceptionally useful in the case of a massive food fight. Hey, you never know. It could happen.