Finally, the Drawstring Backpack to End All Drawstring Backpacks


The drawstring backpack sure hasn’t changed a lot in the past forty years or however long it has existed in the world. This is both good and bad. It’s good because these backpacks are lightweight and take up very little space. They are perfect for city dwellers who have to move around a lot throughout the day. They are bad because the drawstrings themselves tend to get stuck, knotted up and just generally annoying. In short, drawstring backpacks have always been a decent, yet imperfect, product. Well hold on to your drawstring hat because the drawstring backpack just got an upgrade.

Moshibags has just created something they have aptly named the Drawstring Backpack. This is a complete redesign of the drawstring backpack while still retaining the general “feel” of the old school models. It is just as light and compact as ever before, but now features a new string system that promises to stay even and uncluttered. You can finally lay it on the ground for a day or two and not worry about the strings magically tying around one another thirty or so times resulting in a knotted mess. This also assures even weight distribution, which is good for people with compromised backs.

The Drawstring Backpack isn’t out yet but you can put in a preorder now and be the first to snag one at around $23. Guess how you do that? That’s right. Point your web browser over to their Kickstarter and kick in some money. Then you will, uh, start to wait for a few months before they ready to ship. Check out this video.