Finally, Something to Make Your Golf Game Less Embarrassing


A wise man once said something about a rabbi, a priest and a dude’s wife walking somewhere on the golf course or something(it’s all a bit fuzzy.) In other words, golf is a beautiful walk spoiled by a small white ball. This game of games has obsessed people of all ages(but mostly the later ages) since time began. It was only a matter of time before wearable tech took notice of the massive amounts of money that is regularly spent on the game. Here is a neat little piece of tech to help you get your golf game in check. It’s the perfect gizmo to help the Tiger Woods in your life keep out of the, uh, tigery woods.

It comes to us from Seiko Epson and it’s called the M-Tracer. Essentially this is a device that attaches to your club and it analyzes each and every swing you make and responds with all manner of information, from speeds, hooks, slices and distance traveled. If you are having a slight, or large, issue with said swing it could very well be the difference between a triple bogey and a triple birdie. Wait, there is no such thing as a triple birdie.

All of the info can only be accessed via Android devices for now, via a related app. The sensor will cost 29,800 yen (around a pricey $290), and launches in Japan on April 10th. Here is a video of a cat playing golf for no real reason. Enjoy!