Finally, You Can Now Wear Your Kidney Like a Belt


wearabledialysisThe thing about kidneys is they, every once in a while, fail. Contrary to popular belief, we need those things as they filter blood and create urine. Those are two of the most important bodily fluids. Is blood considered a bodily fluid? In any event, I digress. When they tend to fail, it forces people to be hooked up to these large and obstructive machines called dialysis machines. These do the job, acting as artificial kidneys, but at the expense of mobility and, to some, dignity. It’s about time wearable technology got on this thing and made those suffering from failed kidneys have better lives. Well, it looks they are.

The Wearable Artificial Kidney, otherwise known as WAK, as, well, a wearable artificial kidney. It’s a fanny pack of sorts that contains all of your dialysis machine needs, right there attached to your belt. You won’t need to be hooked up to a dialysis machine because the dialysis machine will be hooked up to you. The weight is a doable ten pounds, which is much less than your average external machine. Just like those heftier cousins, it gets the job done, so there is no real negative here. The whole modus operandi here is mobility and offering patients a way to get on with their lives even while having malfunctioning kidneys.

The device is being considered by the FDA to be available for rental or purchase for patients in the United States, with other parts of the world to come. There will be a suite of new clinical trials starting later this year, which the inventors think will go swimmingly, if past indeed is prologue. We’ll have more on this as it develops.