Finally, You Can Get Personalized Nail Designs Shipped to Your Home


If there’s one thing that has consistently plagued the fast-paced world of fingernail design, it would have to be an auspicious lack of Garfield or pizza-themed fingernails. What gives guys? You’d think Garfield, ALF or at the very least a cool looking cheeseburger smoking a cigarette would be all the rage in nail-dom. Alas, none of the big fingernail design corporations have gotten wind of this should-be-obvious trend. Screw the big corps, though! Now you can use technology to make your very own fingernail designs and have the actual nails shipped to you(in a useful way, not in a serial killer creepy way.) Thanks, Internet!

The service is called INNI and it works pretty much as I stated above. You head to their website, pick from just about every nail design in the history of nail designs and then wait patiently as a set of wondrous looking fingernails are delivered to your door by an oblivious mail-person. Also, if you aren’t happy with the multitudes of designs on the site, you can use their creator to whip up some of your own. That’s where the cheeseburgers and Garfields come in, obviously. You can use any image you have on your computer as a design, just in case you wanted a picture of your actual fingernails on your fingernails, thus creating a paradox that could rip apart the very fabric of the universe.

Don’t get out your photos just yet, though. The service is yet to go live. As a matter of fact, they haven’t even reached their final funding goal to get the thing going. That’s where you come in. Head to their Kickstarter and pump in a few coins to ensure you’ll be able to wear your own unique nails come later in the year, when it is expected to launch.