Fin thumb ring is a smart ring with gesture control



We’ve seen smartphones, smartwatches and even smart glasses,we but smart rings are certainly less common. While they may not be as common as other smart devices, that doesn’t mean that they’re not as effective. In fact, there’s one device on the market that looks like it can certainly hold it’s own against other smart devices. It’s called Fin, and it’s by a company called RHLvision.

The goal of the device is to essentially enhance your other smart devices, allowing you, the user, to have better and easier control over their functions. Now all that sounds kind of cool, but once you really dig into the devices functionality, you will see that it’s more than just cool.

The ring, as you would expect, wraps around your thumb, and it has a number of sensors built right into it that allow it to track movement. Not only that, but it can also tell where on your thumb it’s located by the segments in your thumb. Because of that, it can turn your palm into a numerical keypad. It sends all this information back to your smart-device via Bluetooth 4.0.

Juts think of what the potential of this little device is. You could change channels on your TV by simply swiping your thumb in a certain direction. It could be used as a gaming device. Or it could also be used to control your phone while you’re driving.

The device is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones, as long as they have Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. Physically it has an LED indicator, and runs on a lithium-ion battery that lasts a whole month on a single charge, after which it can be recharged through a Micro-USB port. Not only that, but the ring is also waterproof with a rating of IP67.

The device is still in prototype phase, and a crowd-funding campaign has been launched via Indiegogo. To get a ring for yourself you’ll have to pledge $130. That will also get you an official Fin T-shirt. Fin comes in a range of colors, including white, orange, red, black, green and blue. If the funding campaign goes according to plan, the device should ship in September.