Filip – A Smartwatch For Kids



Ok it might not technically be a smartwatch but it certainly has some smart features. The smartwatch world is in a period of new releases and rumors of new releases, but so far there have only been a handful of things that are kid friendly. One product aims to change this. Introducing the Filip – a watch that doubles as a phone, and it’s just for kids!

The aim of the Filip is to keep parents and children connected in this increasingly digital world, and it includes a number of features to be able to do so.

First of all, the watch doubles as a phone. Parents can program 5 numbers into the watch, and the children can call any of those 5 numbers whenever they want. It’s a great introduction for children into phone technology, and it also allows for children to stay in touch with parents and keep them updated.

The next feature of the Filip is the ability for parents to see their kids location using the Filip app. In fact, any of the 5 people that were pre-programmed into the watch can see the location of the child. The location of the child is shown very precisely on a map. Not only that, but if you’re a parent with more than one child, you can create multiple profiles on the Filip app, and see all their locations on the map.

Another great feature of the Filip is the ability to set a “safe zone” for your child. You can set these zones so that you either get a notification when your child reaches the safe zone, such as their school, or when the child strays out of a safe zone.

If you need to send a message to your children you can also do that. The Filip allows for parents to send short messages to their children. Children cannot send messages back, so if parents need to have a conversation with their child, they would be better off calling them.

Finally, if there happens to be an emergency, the Filip can help in a number of ways. All your child needs to do is press down on the red button for 3 seconds, and a number of things will start happening. First of all, the device will send a message to all 5 of the numbers in their contacts list. The device will also start recording ambient sound. Next, the Filip will call the first person on the childs list. If there is no answer, the next person on the list will be called, and so on. If none of the calls are answered, the parent can also set up the watch to immediately call local emergency services.

Overall, this watch is a great idea and a great introduction for children into the world of technology. It also ensure that children stay safe, an connected to their parents.