Figtree Factory Studios OneMoment biodegradable shoes – Break down in just six months


Figtree Factory Studios are going way old-school with their new OneMoment shoes. The interesting footwear is patterned off of the shoes worn by indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest. They break down in six months. There is no more retro than that.

How do they work? The skintight slip-on is ergonomic, ventilated, and ultra-compact. It offers a good form fit for running, actually. The entire thing is made from 100 percent biodegradable plant-based plastic. So no worries on the carbon footprint tip.

They will fall apart in six months. Don’t worry. They are designed that way. What’s better? A pair only costs around $12. That’s $24 a year for you mathematical types. So take the plunge. The earth will thank you, uh, if it could talk.