Fibretronic’s Embedded Textile Devices ETD



Soft electronic technologies developer Fibretronic Limited has wearable electronics technologies all made possible by using the Fibretronic embedded textile device system.

Fibretronic uses several platform technologies to produce economical soft component systems. Fibretronic ETD (embedded textile devices) are created by embedding micro electronic devices within the structure of fabrics and textiles and soft films. The micro devices can be embedded singularly or as micro-PCBs within the textile structure. Proprietary bonding and moulding techniques allow these components to be permanently fixed within the structure without significantly affecting the over all feel of the fabrics.

The following functions are possible using these ETD component solutions; switching, sensing, lighting, power and signal transport, wireless technology matrices.

Fabric Keypads and Backlit Fabric Keypads


The Fibretronic backlit keypad system is the world’s first washable fabric keypad with integrated switch light

s. This technology designed for garment or automotive applications shows another leap forward in electronic fabric technology enabling fabric keypads to be viewed in dark conditions. The lighting system can be supplied with either LED or Electroluminescent (EL) technology integrated in the fabric and then combined with Fibretronic textile switches to create the coolest fabric interface seen yet.

The keypads use polymer material to give a more tactile and robust feeling to the key activation. They ar

e not as textile as the Eleksen version.

Fabric Integrated Display
Fibretronic has developed the worlds first washable fabric integrated display system. The system has LED based display components fixed into a textile signal cable. Encapsulation of the display system provides the necessary durability for wearable applications.

This Display technology is suitable for low information displays showing numerical and character information such as read-outs for temperature, time or audio control functions.