Fibretronic Wearable Bluetooth Module


Fibretronic Wearable Bluetooth Module

Fibretronic introduced its latest innovation in wearable electronic accessories the Wearable Bluetooth module at Avantex 2007 in June and is now commercially available. The BT-MOD, as it is called, is a self-contained soft module for the hands-free operation of cellphones.

The wearable Bluetooth module incorporates a speaker, a microphone, call answer/hang-up button, speaker volume controls and a internal rechargeable battery which can be charged via a mini USB port.

This represents basically the standard functions of such BT hands-free devices except the addition of the speaker which allow you to either make phone calls without earplug or listen to music from your cellphone without the need of headphones plugged in all the time.

What makes the wearable Bluetooth module unique is the soft body with textile cover that gives the whole module a soft touch feel.

The module can be simply attached to a garment like jacket or to bags using the Velcro on the backside of the module. This allows the placement of the wearable Bluetooth module anywhere on the body or bag. Can be very practical especially by outdoor activities.

Talking about the great outdoors, the wearable Bluetooth module has been designed to be weatherproof for outdoors use in snow, trek or for street-wear.

It would be interesting if this module is available in retail but there is no mentioning about that on Fibretronic’s Website. We will check out with them and let you know if the wearable Bluetooth module is or will be sold to end consumer as accessory.