Fibretronic Signs Agreement with Apple


Made for IpodFibretronic has announced the signing of a deal with Apple Computer securing entry into the ‘Made-for-iPod’ licensing program. This agreement enables Fibretronic to develop and market ready-to-integrate iPod control products for wearable electronics applications in garments, bags and other soft-goods.

Fibretronic’s customers will no longer have to obtain a license from Apple to sell iPod enabled products. Under the new license from Apple, Fibretronic is able to directly supply the required technology for iPod integration, shortening and simplifying the development and production pathway for its customers. Companies wishing to produce iPod controls in garments, bags, backpacks or other soft products can get all their iPod interface technology requirements using Fibretronic as a single source from development through to commercialization.Fibertronic Fabric Keypad

This indicates, Fibretronic is getting more active and aggressive after the Wearable Electronic market by making it more convenient for potential customers from the apparel and bag industry to use a ready made solution.

As far as we know, Eleksen still requires their customer to obtain a license for the ‘Made-for-iPod’ and arrange the delivery of iPod dock connectors from Apple’s approved supplier.


We say: a good move from Fibretronic and we are awaiting eagerly the first product announcements / launches with Fibretronic keypad.