These Fashion Accessories Instantly Share Info With Anyone You Meet


youwearAh, that inevitable awkward moment when you are about to leave a social situation and you have to say stuff like “hey, it was great meeting you and we should keep in touch.” Then there’s all of that time wasted where everyone drags their phones out of their pocket and enters relevant contact information. Technology, in its infinite wisdom, has been working to getting rid of this particular social contract. Pretty soon you’ll never have to ask for someone’s information again, as it will already have been automatically recorded. Here are some snazzy accessories that purport to do just that.

A company known as YouWare just entered the stage with a line of bracelets and other wearable knickknacks that exchanges information as soon as it ‘meets’ another connected accessory. The information it imparts can be anything of your choosing, from social network accounts to pictures of a dog eating a slice of pizza (actually not sure about this one.) Of course, phone numbers, email addresses and the like are included in the range of possibilities. It uses a technology called YouPass which goes a long way toward proving they really love things that begin with the word ‘You.’

These aesthetically pleasing pieces of high tech jewelry aren’t available in stores now, so you’ll have to cancel your immediate trip to Claire’s. They have taken to Kickstarter in order to raise finishing funds. You can pre-order right now for around $50, with your choice of a bangle or a charm.