Concept Video Features Google Nexus Smartwatch



A fake, but very chic concept video has started making the rounds on the internet for a Google Nexus smartwatch. Though with Google Glass first impressions being published among various tech sites, it’s uncertain if the search giant is trying to draw more market mindshare toward its futuristic products.


The 3D video render highlights a number of features we’ve seen before in smartwatches, such as syncing with your phone to see messages, incoming calls, and other alerts when your phone is elsewhere isn’t immediately handy (or just in your pocket). The menu screen looks like, well, a dialed-down version of an Android smartphone screen—no Doodle Jump or fancy game apps, just the basic address book, messaging, phone, and email icons. The screen itself looks pretty slick with an edge-to-edge display, however, among most smartwatches released in the past few months brightness and battery life have been an issue.

There’s no telling when and if this concept will ever see the light of day, but the next big thing (aside from Google Glass) seems to be the smartwatch. Companies like Apple and Windows are likely developing their own, and independent companies have already started crowdfunding for support or have already released theirs ahead of the tech giants. Look at it this way: It was only a matter of time before every company had its own tablet, the trend will likely follow for watches.

Source: Digital Trends