Facewaver Exercises Mask Uses Innovative Fabric to Stretch That Face


Not every innovation in wearable technology has to involve motherboards and fancypants computer chips. Sometimes, just doing a thing cleaner and better than anyone has done it before is enough to warrant inclusion in the wearable tech honors club. This is particularly true in the world of fabrics and textiles, where innovations are often invisible to the naked eye. This doesn’t mean they are any less important than, say, a smartwatch or Google’s esteemed Glass eyewear device. On that end, we have for you today a totally bizarre, yet interesting, facemask that helps you exercise you tired old facial sags.

Introducing the Facewaver, the mask that lets you, uh, wave that face until said face is waved into fighting shape. This trendy looking pink mask is easy to use. You just pop it on your face and stretch stretch until you can stretch no more. It uses an advanced form of polymer that stretches along with your face but is virtually impossible to wear out. In short, if a muscular face is what you are looking for, this thing will work. Also, did we mention that its pink? You can pretend you are just going through a new fashion phase that is inspired by flesh-colored bank robbers.

Of course, this strength-inducing mask was made in Japan. It’s so bizarre, it just had to be! You can buy it all over the world, however. Just head on over to this website, plunk down sixty bucks and it will be yours. Next step? You will have the Rambo of faces! The family is just gonna love that.