Fabric Oven can Bake Bread


 Fabric Oven can Bake Bread

Las Vegas had its e-Textile symposium and almost at the same time on the other side of the globe in Taiwan, the Textile International Forum and Exhibition in Taipei has e-Textiles on their agenda as well.

Scientists from the Taiwan Textile Research Institute showed backed to the delight of the visitors toasts in an oven made of textiles. Yes, I didn’t make a typo, their oven is made of thin and flexible conductive elements woven into the oven’s highly heat-resistant fabric.

The oven’s internal temperature can exceed 300 degrees Celsius without damaging the soft fabric and weights only a few hundred grams.

For what is a textile oven good you might ask. For one, such oven can be folded according the Scientists and it is of course very light. This can become handy for camping, trekking in the great outdoors or maybe disaster relief due to the light weight and little space needed for transportation.

One thing might be a problem for the cloth oven to become a commercial hit: the power needed to generate all the heat. Check out your camping place for a good power supply before you head off and buy the cloth oven which could be on sale as early as next year according to the Scientists of the Taiwan Textile Research Institute.