Eye Stick concept is the cane of the future


Cane technology sure hasn’t advanced much, has it? Canes started out as long sticks and that’s pretty much where they ended up today. Sure, they might not always be made out of wood, some are made of cool alloys that are lighter and easier to manipulate, but the core idea behind them simply does not advance. It’s a shame too, because the development of a smart-cane would be something the visually impaired would most likely embrace with open arms. Well, get those arms ready as it may just be time to open them.

A designer named Kim Tae-Jin has developed something he calls the Eye Stick, which is the next step in cane technology. It works using ultrasonic waves, which allow the cane to reliably measure distance, no matter the weather or number of people on the street. It also projects a steady beam of light which helps prevent collisions with pedestrians. Finally, and most cool, it lets the user know about forthcoming changes in environment, such as barriers and change in floor level. One last thing, it also accesses information on products using a Bluetooth connection and voice set-up. It truly is a smart-cane!

This modern day lightsaber is only a concept design for now, having won a prestigious red dot award in design. There is no word when the visually impaired could get their hands on this tech. Here is hoping it is pretty soon, as that boring old cane is more than ready for a massive overhaul. In the meantime, check out a bunch more pictures of this tech in animated action.