Extreme Textiles Book Review


Extreme Textiles Book Review

Building on our post about the Music Textile, we introduce another great Wearable Electronic book to add to your collection: Extreme Textiles: Designing for High Performance.

This book has a very exceptional value for us. It goes beyond the ‘conventional’ electronic textiles we usually write about. Extreme Textiles describes textiles that are stronger, faster, lighter, safer, smarter – textiles of tomorrow.

Featuring examples of fully realized products from all classes of technical textiles – architectural, product design, apparel, medicine, transportation, aerospace, industry, and the environment, Extreme Textiles highlights successful collaborations between design, industry, and science.

Large, full-color illustrations and essays by some of today’s most influential designers and scientists trace the extraordinary developments made in textiles over the last twenty years and suggest what is to come.

Extreme Textiles has been published in 2005 and was accompanied by an exhibition of the same name at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

For us, the most interesting chapter of this book is: ‘Smarter, Textiles from Novel Means of Innovation‘ written by Patricia Wilson.

Patricia founded her own company, Fabricworks to offer her experience and expertise to companies interested into the further development of Wearable Electronic products.

Her chapter is 30 pages fully packet with the most comprehensive overview of Wearable Electronic information from the early days of New Nomads going on to works of IF, Infineon – now changed to Interactive-Wear, Softswitch – now transformed to Fibretronic , the first Burton Jacket and Nike ACG Commvest.

A tremendous wealth of information that would be too much to squeeze here in our blog. Our advice: run out (just click on the link) and buy Extreme Textiles: Designing for High Performance, it’s an extremely interesting book for everyone interested in eTextiles and a must read for the serious Wearable Electronics enthusiast.