What to Expect From Apple’s iWatch


With all of the smart watches being released these days, many people are surprised that Apple has not yet released theirs. While they have patented the ‘iWatch’ name in Japan, Apple has yet to come forth with any sort of prototypes or demos, and in fact, there have not even been any leaks. While many people think that Apple simply might not be planning to ever release their smart watch, others believe that Apple is simply waiting until they can make it as perfect as possible before the launch?


Sleek, Slim, and Fashion Conscious

Apple has never been known for releasing less than fabulous gadgets and that includes look, size, and feel. If Apple doesn’t think that they can release a fashion conscious ‘sexy’ smart watch, they simply wont’ release it. Yes, Apple’s appearing late to the smart watch match is all about vanity. When they do release the smart wach, expect it to be as different from the clunky watches on the market now as the Macbook was from a Windows computer when it first came out. Most of Apple’s appeal is style, and in order to sell to their main demographic, they have to make the watch light, thin, and pretty. Expect aluminum, white, and black options, with a larger screen.

iwatch protoype


Apple is exceedingly proud of their virtual assistant Siri, and while she does still need work, the program would be perfect for use on a smart watch. Complete voice control would allow people to send texts and emails from the smart watch rather than having to wait to reply on a regular phone. While Siri isn’t perfect, this would appeal to a whole demographic of people looking for a smart watch that replaces their phone rather than complements it. While there are already voice controlled smart watches on the market, Siri’s many established features, including being able to give directions, would definitely work in Apple’s favor.

iwatch prototype

Media Streaming

Apple is all about the cloud so you can most likely expect to see the iWatch with built in iCloud functions. That means access to any music, documents, or even movies stored on the users iCloud. While it might seem a little far fetched to watch a movie clip on a tiny screen, most users will definitely appreciate the ability to stream all of their music directly to their watch.

Other features that we can definitely expect from the iWatch include:

  • A touch screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • iOS8

The iWatch is expected to come out in the second half of 2014, meaning that we do have a year to wait before it’s ready for the public. However, with Yves Saint Lauren designer Paul Deneve on the case, it should definitely be stylish.

What do you think? Is the iWatch worth looking forward to? Rumors suggest that it will retail between $150 and $230, which is actually quite low compared to most Apple products. However, Apple has been making some effort to reduce costs lately, especially with new releases like the iPhone 5c.