This Exoskeleton For Your Hand Lets You Feel Virtual Objects


The trouble with real life? All of that dang real life stinking up the joint. One of the main reasons the tech-age has been so exciting is the promise of a future with unlimited access to the virtual. Many inroads have already been made toward this eventual end goal, including doodads like Google’s Glass and the Oculus Rift virtual reality device. Here is yet another entrant in the contest as to who can bring us the Holodeck fastest. It’s by a Chinese robotics company and boy is it ever a doozy.

The company is called Dexta Robotics and their invention is an amazing exoskeleton for your hand that actually allows you to feel virtual objects. Gone will be the days of looking at a VR world but still holding a garden variety controller. Now you can massage all of the random crates and barrels you want. In addition to the VR tomfoolery, the exoskeleton also lets you control robots right with your hand. This will come in very handy during the forthcoming robot apocalypse. You’ll be like Neo! The one who can control the bots.

Robot apocalypses aside, the main use in robotics would be for stuff like controlling bomb disposal robots while out of harm’s way and stuff like that. The company is currently trying to raise $200,000 to make this hand exoskeleton a reality. You know the drill. If you kick in $69 you’ll get yourself an early bird special. Wait a minute. $69?! That really is an early bird special. Upgraded models that include haptic feedback are more expensive, of course.