This Exoskeleton Glove Was Invented by an 18-Year-Old


What were you doing when you were just eighteen years of age? I, for one, was spending lots of money on bad straight to DVD horror movies and smoking clove cigarettes. Long story short, most of us were probably not actively inventing new forms of wearable tech that not only do cool things but also help make the world a better place for disabled people. One such amazing eighteen year old has done just that. Introducing teen inventor Charalampos Ioannou and his awesome exoskeleton glove.

The teen, who hails from Greece, invented the glove to help disabled people pick up everyday objects. To that end it does a marvelous job. Users input the amount of pressure they want to exert, so lifting an egg can be done with as much finesse as operating a steel lever. It can even be used for hammering nails into stuff. He says he got the idea after seeing his grandmother struggle with the remote control. Wait, he’s a brilliant inventor and kind to his elders? Ladies, somebody better snag up this one before he goes off the market.

The exoskeleton glove has made the teen the youngest ever speaker at Athens TEDx conference. In other news, did you know Athens had their own TEDx conference? That’s pretty cool! As far as when this tech could show up commercially, it has a long way to go. Consider it just a working prototype for now. Here is an interview with the spry young inventor detailing his mechanical triumph.