Exetech XS-4 is a Smartphone and Smartwatch Mega-Gadget


Sure, the differences between smartphone and smartwatch are thinning out every day. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t differences. The two gadgets have all kinds of them, actually. First of all, the primary function of a smartphone is to be, well, a phone. The primary function of a smartwatch is to be, well, a watch. Sure, some watches can make awkward calls and all phones can tell the time but that is neither here nor there. The point is that no one device can claim to be both smartwatch and smartphone, right? Not so fast, champ. A company called Exetech has promised they have just that gadget, merging the two worlds into one menacing, tech-heavy world.

Exetech has already toyed with this concept before with their XS-3 Smartwatch/phone hybrid. The watch had some problems, horrible battery life being chief among them. Now they are back with their XS-4 design, which promises to have fixed the problems of its predecessor. The battery is strong. This new iteration is also water resistant, which was an issue with the last build as well. It’s tough to wear a watch that one mild rain could ruin forever, not to mention if you got trapped in the middle of a lake.

Of course, being as how the XS-3 didn’t do so hot, Exetech needs your help to get the XS-4 into production. As such, they’ve made a Indiegogo page and kindly asks for you donations and preorders. Speaking of, you can preorder one of them for around $300.