Exetech XS-3 May be the Most Feature-Filled Smarwatch Ever


What constitutes a smartwatch? Meaning, what kind of features does it have to have, besides being able to tell the time, in order to secure that classification? Until now, that has been a rather nebulous concept, with companies calling their watches ‘smartwatches’ no matter what they do. Is a watch that can just play music a smartwatch? What about a watch that has a camera attached to it? Well, we are not here to make the rules, we only report on them. In any event, we have a new smartwatch here that most definitely falls under that moniker, being as how it has pretty much every feature ever invented.

Introducing the Exetech XS-3, a smartwatch so feature-packed it may as well be a smartphone you wear on your wrist. What can this bad boy do? What can’t it do! The XS-3 is huge, standing a full two centimeters above your wrist. The XS-3 runs Android 4.0 on a dual-core MediaTek processor with 2GB of on-board storage and also includes a 3G radio for those days you are feeling like Dick Tracy. It has a massive battery, which actually exists as the back of the watchface, and micro SIM and microSD slots. There’s also a microUSB port, access to the Google Play store and a fully functioning, and rather large, touchscreen to use the apps you download from it on. Yeah, pretty much the kitchen sink.

This watch is available already, clocking in at a massively appropriate price of around $485. It’s currently available in black with a white option coming soon.