Evolved Footwear Illuminated Sneakers


Brandon Laskowski a Northwest senior marketing major found his passion for sneakers in 2001. In 2005 due to the demand, Brandon started selling his customized Nike Dunks online under the name Evolved Footwear.
Evolved Footwear Lighted Sneakers
Evolved Footwear Lighted Sneakers Illuminated Confusion Nike Dunk
Some of the techniques include textured faux snake and gator skins, engraving, peel aways, light up, fabric, painting and more. Shown here are the ‘Illuminated Confusion‘ Nike Dunk features a pattern print with neon green light-up lateral sides that either blink or glow. They are powered by a AAA battery and cost about $400.00. All upgrades takes 2-3 weeks and are all hand made.