Everywear Games is the First Game Company Dedicated to Wearable Tech


As wearable technology creeps its way toward mainstream acceptance, there is a growing question of what sort of software will accompany the devices. After all, porting existing software and calling it a day may work for some companies, but many other companies are only going to be able to drum excitement by creating something new and original. One of the genres that would be best suited to wholly original content is gaming. I mean, think about, you’d barely be able to see those candies to crush ’em on your tiny Apple Watch!

To that end, there is finally a dedicated gaming studio that promises to deliver content made exclusively for wearables. They are called Everywear Games and just threw their hat in the digital ring earlier today. What can we expect from them? Well, the company is stacked with mobile luminaries such as folks from Remedy and even the creators of those angry ole birds, Rovio. Now, they haven’t announced any actual games yet, nor what platforms they will be developing for. Given the founders’ track records, however, you could make an educated guess of the various smartwatch platforms and not be too far off.


The company promises, via press release, that they will be announcing games in the coming year. Here is to hoping they’ll figure out a way to get an endless runner into an activity monitor so we can, uh, endlessly run in real life. Imagine all the calories we’ll burn. Our virtual coaches will be very proud of us.