Everykey is a Wristband That Replaces Keys and Passwords


To the vast majority of Internet users, passwords are becoming something of a problem. It used to be we only had one or two, email and some commerce site like Amazon. Nowadays, however, the average person has, what, ten? Fifteen? It’s enough to quite literally drive you crazy, or should I say Crazy003B(a password I once used many moons ago.) In any event. there has to be some kind of technology out there to make it easier for us right? Even better if this technology is wearable and can also used to open real life doors in addition to digital ones. Hey, guess what? Here is something right now, and it’s an armband.

The appropriately named Everykey seeks to be your, uh, every key. It can be used to unlock Internet sites and safes filled with glistening jewels. It’s essentially a Bluetooth device that interacts with your other devices and beams appropriate passwords to them at the appropriate times. This is nothing new, however it being a wearable is. This kind of stuff, in the past, has been locked down as a program on your computer or something. All you have to do is get close to your design and, bam, you are unlocked and buying needless things online. Just like mother nature intended.

As far as when you can get your hands on this and, thus, immediately forget every password you’ve ever memorized, you’ll have to play the waiting game. The armband’s creators have taken to Kickstarter to raise finishing funds and, as such, you can pop on down to their site and pre-order your own Everykey for around $50. That’s not a bad deal.