Evena Medical Eyes On Smartglasses Are Great for Nurses


The words smart and glasses go together like peanut butter and jelly, or toast and jam or, uh, another bread product mixed with another fruit preserve product. In short, they are becoming absolutely inseparable and ubiquitous. Ever since Google dropped their infamous Glass device on the adoring public(well, early adopters) there hasn’t been a company out there that hasn’t tried to refine and outdo the big G. Samsung has one coming out, as does Microsoft and rumors indicate that Apple is also joining the fray. Even medical equipment suppliers are getting on the act, as made evident by this newest pair of sweet specs.

Evena Medical has just dropped a motherload of information regarding their forthcoming Eyes Up smartglasses. Being as how they are a medical equipment manufacturer,  you can bet their smartglasses also fall in this arena. You would not be wrong to assume that. These glasses are the perfect tool for the nurse or doctor in your family as they make it tons easier to spot veins for administering shots and other related procedures. Essentially, it overlays a 3D blood vessel map over the patient, which will make mistakes almost nonexistent. Hey wait, without fear of being hurt by a needle, what’s going to happen to the post-shot lollypop industry? So technology destroys another job.

The company says these will begin appearing in hospitals in the early part of next year. However, they have not indicated which hospitals will be the lucky recipients of the tech. We’ll let you know when we know more. Here is a video.