Even More Google Glass – Developers Jailbreak Glass and Google Releases Kernal GPL Source


Crunchwear loves wearable technology and you can’t love the heck out of wearable tech without knowing your way around Google’s magnificent Glass eyewear. We have been covering these amazing doodads ever since they were first announced a couple of years back. Now that the first units are beginning to end up in the hands of the fortunate we see no reason to stop now. Glass news has gone from a trickle to a deluge and we are always here to keep you updated. What’s on todays docket? Users have already jailbroken Glass and Google does the development community a solid by releasing the Kernal GPL source.

A developer named Jay Freeman posted the associated image earlier today via Twitter to show that he has already obtained root access to Google Glass. That’s right. The darned thing is already jailbroken. He used a known Android 4.0.4 exploit to go about the access. Of course, nobody knows if this exploit will still work in the full retail unit but if it does then all kinds of homebrew apps could be coming down the pipeline. TRON disc throwing game anyone? Either that or Angry Birds only, you know, controlled with our eyeballs.

Google has never been anti jailbreak, and to prove this they are throwing developers a bone by releasing the Kernal GPL source. Developers have been analyzing the code and have already found some interesting little quirks, including some code that suggests that Google Glass may be receiving NFC support in the very near future. If you are the tinkering type, check out the source code here.